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Smith's Crossing

Come home to a community that’s built as much around nature as it is around people.  A place with open green spaces and unique architecture.  Where the past meets the future.  And where neighborhood meets nature.  Come home to Smith’s Crossing.


Smith's Crossing is structured around people and the way they live their lives.  With wider sidewalks and narrower streets.  With hiking and biking trails and over 200 acres of shared open space.  Smith's Crossing is designed to give you not only a sense of place, but a sense of community.


Smith's Crossing is being built on the principles of Traditional Neighborhood Development, or "New Urbanism."  At the heart of New Urbanism is the idea that where we live influences how we live.  As such, Smith's Crossing draws upon the age-old principles of pedestrian-scale design, diversity of housing and architecture, and the integration of commercial and residential buildings.


Windswept grasslands, threads of wetlands and shady woods.  Sensitive building guidelines aim to protect and elevate the natural landscape, offering a window to the Wisconsin prairie the way the pioneers saw it.  Nearly half of the land has been set aside as open space.  And over four miles of hiking and biking trails elevate the natural beauty of the area.


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